I began to begrudgingly practice yoga at the prodding of a friend in 2010, but it wasn't until discovering vinyasa yoga four years later that everything started to click. After years of a less-than-balanced lifestyle, I learned to listen and made peace with my body rather than fighting it. As a former athlete, I appreciate the role of fitness, but have come to redefine health as something greater than lifting heavy things, running laps, or eating on a diet. As my yoga practice has deepened, so has my interest in the exploring connection between mind, body, and living well.

I completed my 200-hour training in January 2016 with the New School of Yogic Arts in Brookline, MA. I believe that in the yoga studio, deep feeling and lighthearted fun are not mutually exclusive. I hope my classes will bring students the same sense of self-awareness I experienced in discovering yoga, especially the begrudging ones!

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