Home for the Holidays


There’s no place like home for the holidays, and tomorrow 95-North will take me to the promised land of Christmas! I’m expecting seasonal cookies, my grandma’s recipe for sauce and meatballs, and a forrest’s worth of faux-evergreen garland. But there are certain things that are more than just expectation, they’re tradition, and tradition is what sets the tone for the holidays.

Traditions in my life are often built around food; the ceremony of cooking, the giving and receiving of calories, and that couldn’t be more true than during Christmastime. There are meals I look forward to all year long, but would feel completely out of place during any other season, recipes that I enjoy preparing as much as I enjoy eating, and an assortment of stocking stuffers to stuff your face with.

And while I fully embrace the edible merrymaking, I also like to remind myself that these things aren’t treats or rewards for being on the nice list. Rather, they transcend their ingredients; they’re the tangible forms of traditions and the people I share them with, and it’s the people that make all the difference.

Although some things have changed for me since last Christmas (namely an additional 350 or so miles) there are some traditions I’ve been trying to keep alive from afar. We found the perfect tree (which lasted a solid week before it was toppled by Georgie the Destroyer), decked our hall, went through the rotation of holiday movies, and did our best to make Maryland our new holiday hub. But even though I followed the book on Christmas traditions, it hasn’t been quite enough to really drive the spirit home. So, wish me luck as we hit the road tomorrow and head towards the people I call home.

There are sure to be a few speed bumps along the way, and traffic for sure, but there’s also bound to be Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas on the radio, scenic backroads, and a mini-picnic I’m packing. And at the end of the drive there’s really no place like for the holidays. So, embrace the traditions, honor the people, and eat the damn cookies!

And if you’re looking for the perfect addition to your holiday cheer, I recommend Chocolate Dipping Spoons. They place nicely with coffee and hot chocolate, and make the sweetest homemade gifts!

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