Bye Bye Boston


This weekend I went back to read, in my own words, where I was and where I was going four years ago. Back in June 2014 I was making moves to relocate from New Haven to Boston. While it's easy for me to remember that time in my life, how it felt and what it would come to mean for my future, it's hard to wrap my head around how far I've come.

Boston has been more of a home to me than I had ever expected. Back in 2014 I thought I had already experienced the most influential year of my life; it was when I discovered what truly made me happy and found my direction. Boston is where I practiced that happiness and honed in on that direction. It's where I carved out a place for myself surrounded by a city of people and set the foundation for my future. It's where I became a yoga teacher, where I grew my business and my family, and where I found some of the most incredible people to call my friends. It's where Jay and I got engaged, in our hallway on a perfectly normal Sunday, that would become unexpectedly so significant in both our lives.

As much as I never expected to find myself here, I also could never anticipate what these last four years would bring and how much more like myself I could possibly feel. So, despite the apprehension of leaving behind this place that has been so significant in my life, I'm up for whatever comes next! I may not have all the details about Baltimore quite yet, but here's what I do know: I have a super sweet new apartment with Jay and cats — with a dishwasher! — and every opportunity to keep up what I started in Boston. Sara Bee Health will live on with new experiences and a much bigger kitchen. I'll still be seeing clients, either in-person or remotely, so feel free to reach out, and stay tuned for new recipes, and hopefully a new class public class schedule!

In the meantime, the packing has begun! First up is using up the odds and ends of my teeny tiny kitchen. First on the list: Easy Pickled Carrots. They'll add some jazz to your salads and sandwiches, and can hang out in the fridge until the last box is packed!