I was out of balance. I'd made the transition from carefree college living to the adult world. I had a job but no passion for it. I had retired from sports but missed the connection to my body. I was doing everything I was supposed to do but somehow had gone from petite and athletic to weak and bloated and had started accumulating weight I'd never seen on myself before. I was 'healthy' but plagued by constant stomach pain, periods of sleeplessness and exhaustion, migraines and anxiety. I couldn't regulate my moods or emotions. 

Finally, I started listening to my gut. I found the foods that worked for me and the foods that didn't. I found a yoga routine to teach me balance and started connecting with my body after a long period of fighting it. I found happiness in my daily routine and made a truce with the future that I would seek a life of fulfillment, joy and balance. What led me to health coaching was the realization that I loved taking care of myself. This meant taking the time to cook a beautiful meal or buying myself flowers, just because. It meant excusing myself from habits that didn't serve me and having the courage to seek change. My goal with Sara Bee Holistic Health Coaching is to help others heal themselves the way I was able to heal my body, my head, and my heart.

Want to get more personal? I love cooking (and enjoying what I cook) and have become quite the (amateur) chef; although, admittedly I still struggle to get chicken right. I have a deep love of the great outdoors and count bug bites and bruises as proof of a worthwhile weekend. I wish I were a better photographer but count on exploring extraordinary places to make my ordinary camera skills something special. At the top of my Bucket List are seeing the Northern Lights and getting into a full split.

My little family consists of Oliver Bean; his favorite foods include kefir, kale and salmon (spoiler, he’s a cat) and new addition Georgie Biscuits; equal parts snuggler and destroyer (also a cat), and my marital life partner Jay, marketing man and recipe tester. After living it up in Boston we’re resettled in Baltimore and have big plans so be sure to follow my blog for all the latest healthy living tips and health coach approved recipes!

Feel free to reach out if you're interested in working together, curious about my work, or would just like to say hello — I'm happy to hear from you.